Hi! My name is Jonathan Mandel, and I've been providing authentic, artistic photography to Bay Area families and couples since 1999.  I am a member of Professional Photographers of America.


Something I love about my clients is how playful our sessions are. Whether I'm working with adults, children, pets or families, I know I'm doing great work when we're having fun.


That's when something amazing happens. When people see their pictures for the first time, they often see something new about how they look to the world. Then the beautiful pieces I have the privilege to create for you -- custom albums, wall portraits,  and special gorgeous things -- become the heirlooms that make a house a home.


Why me? What makes me different?


  • My sessions are fun.

    Over hundreds and hundreds of portrait sessions, I've developed a session style that is playful, relaxed and creative. Think of working with your own personal film director. That's me! The results shine in our pictures.

  • More than candid photography.

    When photographers first start, they don't know much about how to make people look good. Instead they rely on luck and instinct. Over the course of my career, I've learned to direct people into relaxed, comfortable poses that look great. Posing isn't a bad word; stiff posing is!

  • A masterful eye for light.

    Over the years I've developed the ability to see and find beautiful light everywhere, and to create it where it doesn't exist. I didn't always have this. It came about through my personal work, an ongoing series of self-assignments.

  • A reliable network.

    No photography studio is just one person. Mine is a network of seasoned professionals and partner businesses, including labs, bookbinders, designers and assistants. This network allows me to create unique, truly heirloom products for your home and your family, consistently and fairly priced.

  • A ton of cool equipment

    OK, not really. Anyone can buy gear. I love what I have, know how to use it, and have backups.

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